Ilan Mizrahi's first book, "Existence", is an attempt to illustrate the atmosphere in Jerusalem from the optimistic period of the Oslo peace talks with the Palestinians in 1995 to the somber days of terror attacks on the streets of the city during the second Palestinian uprising that began in 2000.
Ilan lived in Jerusalem his entire life and felt it his duty to share his images.
"I really wanted to let other people know how it felt when going out to get a coffee was a suicidal task. For years, places of entertainment were blown up on a daily basis and this affected the lives of all the city's residents in every way possible. Jews, Muslims and Christians suffered equally from living in the city, while unfortunately suffering from each other", he says.
The photographs in this book are snapshots of scenes and portraits of daily life in the roller- coaster reality of Jerusalem. With the construction of the separation wall and fences around Jerusalem, most acts of terror against the residents of Jerusalem have stopped. This was the time to collect Ilan's photographs into this unique book that conveys the atmosphere in Jerusalem during the first years of the third millennium.

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